Refinancing for Businesses and Enterprises

The international company GICC Investment Group offers corporate refinancing services using long-term loans on attractive terms and other flexible instruments.

In an era of global changes, every entrepreneur strives to use new opportunities for business development as quickly as possible.

Refinancing a business loan helps you achieve success by making borrowed funds more efficient.

Sharp fluctuations in raw materials and energy prices, geopolitical instability and other unpredictable factors have a negative impact on many enterprises. In these conditions, high interest rates and monthly loan payments can become a heavy burden for business, slowing down the development of the company for many years.

GICC Investment Group, a Spanish investment consulting company with an international presence, is ready to offer you flexible corporate refinancing schemes. In particular, we can extend the term of your business loan in order to significantly reduce payments and overcome temporary problems.

Corporate refinancing is a service that gives companies access to more flexible loans.

This is a lifesaving option used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world today. 

We will ensure that your current business loan is repaid without negatively impacting the company's liquidity.

We are ready to offer a variety of solutions to suit your company's needs. From lines of credit or short-term loans for day-to-day activities to long-term loans for large projects and business refinancing.

Refinancing large business loans

Company debts can include old loans, unpaid taxes, and bills. If your business is experiencing temporary financial problems but the outlook is still promising, then corporate refinancing may be the perfect solution.

Debt refinancing consists of repaying one or more loans and replacing them with more flexible financing provided by new lenders. Within the framework of the enterprise refinancing program, it is also possible to attract significant additional funds on more favorable terms.

Sources of refinancing a company's debt in the financial market may include the following:

• Bank loan.
• Corporate bonds.
• Mezzanine financing instruments.
• Factoring of receivables and reverse factoring.
• Raising funds from investors interested in the company's shares.

Consolidate all payments into one cheaper loan and focus on core business activities. Our financial specialists will take care of all the formalities and suggest the most suitable solutions for each case.

Schedule a preliminary consultation at a convenient time so that we can study the current financial problems and needs of your company.

The business benefits of our services include:

• Assistance in paying off current and overdue debts.
• Consolidation of all available loans into one, cheaper loan.
• Tailoring financing to the needs of your business.
• Support from experienced financial advisors.

KKAC works with major European banks, financial institutions and private investors, offering business financing in the EU, USA, Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Our experts will develop alternative tools for you, providing comprehensive support at all stages of refinancing.